现在在学院的所有公共区域都必须戴口罩. 鼓励在参加任何社交活动或回家之前进行lft. T在这里 is updated guidance on Omicron cases on the restricted side of the website –College members should update themsevles on this.


与更广泛的大学和政府指导的变化, College has removed the requirements for mandatory face coverings and social distancing on the College site. We will also be resuming most of our normal College activities for Michaelmas Term and reopening spaces that have had to remain closed during earlier phases of the pandemic. Normal lunch and dinner will resume, along with formal hall on Wednesdays and Sundays in term time.

十大外围app要求学院社区的所有成员尊重他人对健康和风险的选择, and ask people to be respectful to others with regard to the wearing of face coverings in shared indoor spaces w在这里 others are present, 比如在大厅排队. 随着正常活动的恢复, 在某些情况下,十大外围app将需要做出改变或继续使用保护措施, 比如限制酒吧里的人数, 或员工继续戴口罩在大堂服务. Managers are discussing with their teams to identify what changes we need to make to specific activities to keep people safe.

We know that many members of the College community – are keen for us to resume as much normality as possible. 同时, we are mindful that some members of our community understandably remain concerned about the ongoing pandemic, 包括那些临床上易受感染的人或者和易受感染的人住在一起的人. 十大外围app也有义务在现场采取预防措施,继续确保人们的安全.

We are also aware that some students will not be physically present on the College site this term. 正如前面, 十大外围app所有的计划, 包括新生周和教学, 能确保每个人都能参与大学生活吗, 不管他们的物理位置.

Thank you to everyone in College for your understanding and for continuing to take precautions to keep each other safe. 十大外围app期待着大学生活的许多重要方面的恢复.

学院场地仍不对公众开放. Applicants who wish to visit are asked to contact the Admissions Office at least 24 hours in advance on admissions@worc.facildivorcio.com. Old Members who wish to visit are asked to contact the Development Office at least 24 hours in advance on development@worc.facildivorcio.com.


十大手机买球软件排行榜 has updated its COVID-19 guidelines regarding 事件 and 会议 held in College: please see 这里是十大外围app的COVID业务守则


伍斯特学院向全体学生致以2021年最诚挚的祝福, 工作人员, 研究员, 校友 and donors; to our offer-holders for next academic year; to the school- and sixth-form students involved in our outreach activities; to our local neighbours and our friends, 远近. 十大外围app希望你和你所爱的人都能过得很好, 十大外围app祝愿所有感染新冠肺炎的患者早日全面康复. 

学院致力于尽十大外围app的一份力量来消灭这种病毒. 为此,除了基本任务外,十大外围app都在远程工作. 十大外围app的大多数学生都在家,等待进一步通知, 十大外围app所有的教学都在网上完成. 所有学生都可以获得在线福利支持, 以及为应对新冠肺炎相关需求提供的额外财政援助.  

We remain open to enquiries from teachers, offer-holders, and from students thinking about making an 应用程序 在伍斯特. 十大外围app总是很高兴当十大外围app的 校友 取得联系.

在校学生和教职员工 能找到十大外围app在大流行期间如何运作的信息吗. 来自大学的信息可以 在这里找到.



十大外围app一直在努力工作,以确保十大外围app所有的学生和员工的大学疫情安全. The College will operate as normally as possible within the current rules and guidelines that have been set out by the University, 学院会议和学院的管理机构. 

它需要每个人的理解和合作才能做到这一点, 十大外围app可能需要迅速采取行动,以适应可能出台的任何进一步限制措施. 学院现在不对公众开放.

十大外围app仍然欢迎老师和任何学生的提问 应用程序 在伍斯特. 十大外围app总是很高兴当十大外围app校友 取得联系.

在校学生和教职员工 能找到十大外围app在大流行期间如何运作的信息吗. 可以在这里找到该大学的信息 在这里.



我谨代表学院和管理机构在这悲痛和担忧的时刻, 我向伍斯特社区——十大外围app的学生们致以最热烈的祝福, 工作人员, 研究员, 校友 and donors; to the school and sixth-form students involved in our outreach activities, and to our offer-holders for next academic year; to our local neighbours, 还有十大外围app的朋友们, 远近. 我希望你和你所爱的人都好, 如果你们有人生病了, 你很快就完全康复了.

过去的几周是大学历史上从未有过的. 随着新冠肺炎疫情的规模日益清晰, 正常的期末活动变成了前所未有的庆祝活动, 体育比赛和考试被取消, 校友活动推迟了. 许多原本打算利用假期在大学复习的决赛选手改变了他们的计划. 餐饮人员开始只提供外卖,然后厨房不得不关闭. 今天, 学院里所有的公共空间都关闭了, and I write this from home because we have taken the decision to restrict access to the site to those whose presence is absolutely essential.

门房仍然有24小时的工作人员, 然而, 该网站仍在运营, 安全的和安全的. 十大外围app大约有五十名学生住在大学里, 要么因为他们无法回家,要么因为大学是他们唯一的家, 和每一天, a handful of key 工作人员 members are coming in to ensure we can continue to accommodate those students safely and legally. 我想对这里的工作人员说声谢谢,感谢你们真正杰出的贡献.

与此同时,十大外围app中的许多人正在适应远程活动. 大学正忙着准备 下学期的远程教学和考试. 这对学者和学生来说都将是一个巨大的改变, and teams all over College are working hard to ensure we can support them in this completely new situation – though it turns out that the traditional 牛津大学 tutorial and small-group teaching adapt rather well to the latest technology. 许多学生已经就远程考试的安排与十大外围app取得了联系, 尽管他们很想知道细节以及这对他们来说意味着什么, they also know that Worcester is committed to supporting each and all of our students as best we can.

许多学生都有经济问题, and the College’s scholarships and financial support mechanisms – including the funds generously donated for student financial aid – will continue to operate as usual. We have also been able to assure students that they can cancel their accommodation contracts with no financial penalty if they are not in residence next term.

在这一点上, I also want to say Thank You to all our students for your patience and understanding at this time, 还有你的创造力和幽默感, and to remind you that our outstanding welfare team are still very much available and working remotely. JCR和MCR的主席和委员会, 最近几周,你们在保持学院正常运转方面做得很好, 更不用说你们这些 在Minecraft中重新创建了学院.

进一步展望未来, we know that the recent announcements about A-Levels will have created uncertainty for those holding conditional offers of a place at Worcester next academic year. We are working with colleagues across the University to ensure that our offer-holders are not disadvantaged this year by the new assessment, 十大外围app很快就会写信向他们保证他们的报价不会改变, 并说明在此期间十大外围app计划如何支持他们.

十大外围app已经启动了 一个网站 对于中学生来说,在家学习是一种新的方式 拓展YouTube频道 给那些在毕业后或高中毕业后考虑选择的年轻人. 虽然十大外围app目前不能将学校团体引入大学, 十大外围app为11年级和12年级学生的外展计划 链接区域 以虚拟形式继续, 十大外围app期待着在安全的情况下,尽快接待来访.

I know that colleagues are concerned about job security while many of our normal activities are suspended. 学院将参加政府的工作保留计划, and Governing Body has also been able to give our employees a guarantee that they will be paid their full salaries for the next six months, 不管他们是否能工作. This guarantee also extends to 工作人员 on fixed-term contracts or employed through agencies for the duration of their work with us, and to many of our casual 工作人员 members who rely on their work for College and would normally be doing substantial shifts at this time.

花园和庭园, 对公众关闭, are providing an essential space for our on-site 工作人员 and resident students to exercise during this period of confinement. 对于十大外围app这些现在无法享受的人来说,首席园丁 Instagram 让十大外围app在春天看到大学.

It is also humbling to see Worcester students and 校友 making outstanding contributions to the effort to combat the virus. Chantal edwards(2019年研究生入学医学)是项目管理 OxVent, 为COVID-19患者提供快速部署呼吸机, developed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers and medics at the 牛津大学 and King’s College London. 一大笔慈善捐款 来自向来慷慨的Ben Delo(荣誉研究员), and 2002 Mathematics and Computer Science) is making it possible for researchers to determine community infection rates of COVID-19 in the UK. 艾特肯家族慈善信托基金也给予了进一步的慷慨支持 牛津大学冠状病毒研究基金. 十大外围app中的许多人都是志愿者 COVID-19牛津疫苗试验. 最重要的是, I want to express my admiration and gratitude to those 校友 working in the NHS and front-line services. 我所认识和认可的伍斯特对共同利益有着坚定的承诺, 所以我相信你也有自己的故事:如果你有时间的话, 十大外围app将很高兴听到他们.

写这篇文章, 我意识到伍斯特的许多特别之处, 尽管这一大流行病构成了非常重大的挑战, 继续茁壮成长. 我期待在有可能再见到你的时候再见到你, 与此同时, 我送上最热烈的祝福,



到2020年5月底之前的所有老会员活动都被推迟. 如果您有任何疑问,请十大外围app omevents@worc.facildivorcio.com




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